Water Filtration Systems

Having clean fresh drinking water for you and your family is necessary for healthy living but tap water is full of chemicals and toxins.  Unfortunately, most municipal water treatment facilities don’t purify water to the levels of home water filtration systems.  A home water filter will remove the fluoride, pesticides and other dissolved solids that water treatment facilities leave behind.  With so many water filters on the market it can be overwhelming to try to decide which one is right for you.  Water filtration systems can be used to filter your whole house, installed under your sink or even sit on top of your counter.

Once you know what types of contaminants are in your tap water you can select the type of water filtration system you need.  Many of the systems today have several stages of filtration in order to remove a variety of contaminants.  Carbon filters will remove the bad tastes and smells from water as well as pesticides and herbicides effectively and are often installed as a pre or post filter to increase the working life of the main filter.  Reverse Osmosis filters are effective at removing most of the common contaminants in tap water.  Water distillers will remove nearly everything from water including both good and bad minerals.  Alkaline water filters or water ionizers are gaining popularity and many celebrities and athletes are endorsing products that they claim have been beneficial to their performance and health.

There are several factors you need to consider when buying a water filtration system such as cost, filter life and cost, purification ability and where and how the filter installs.  A good water filter review will provide you with this type of information as well as other details that may help you to make a well informed decision on which water filter is best for you. Check out the reviews at WaterFiltrationHQ to get the answers you need.

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